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Broker Services

Hundreds of Canadian Lease Brokers rely on the experience, dedication and exceptional service of RCAP Leasing to help establish their business and serve their markets.

Our Broker partners know RCAP Leasing has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the business. Depending on a Broker’s specific needs, we have the ability to assemble specialized project teams, consisting of experts in accounting, credit, legal and more.

Getting deals completed quickly and efficiently

Thanks to the expertise of our credit professionals, combined with our powerful technology platform, RCAP Leasing is able to expedite deals in a prompt and efficient manner. We understand that the sooner your customer takes possession of that new piece of equipment, the sooner it can begin adding value to their business.

Tailored solutions to meet your needs

There’s nothing off-the-shelf about our approach. Our experts will listen to your specific needs and objectives before developing a strategic, customized solution – tailored to those requirements.

Broad sector expertise

As a Broker, you need a lease finance partner who understands your market. At RCAP Leasing, we’ve worked with virtually every industry and sector of the Canadian economy, including medical, industrial, construction, materials handling, retail and everything in between.

Our customers include government organizations, large public corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, franchisees and not-for-profits. Whatever business your customers are in, RCAP Leasing has the proven, flexible and convenient lease finance solutions to meet their requirements.


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Contact John De Luca, Broker Manager to discuss the benefits of becoming a Broker partner with RCAP Leasing