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If you have any questions about your business with RCAP® Leasing, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact our Customer Service team, who will be happy to assist you.

Account Information

Please contact Customer Service at In your request, please confirm what type of address you would like to change: Customer Address (main location), Billing Address and/or Equipment Address. Please also include the details below

  • Old Address:
  • New Address:
  • Effective Date:
  • Contract Number(s)

To ensure payment is withdrawn from your new account, please complete the PAD Agreement and return with a copy of a void cheque to Customer Service via email at You may also fax a scanned copy of the completed PAD Agreement and void cheque to 1-800-436-0884. Please note we require 5 business days prior to your next payment date to ensure the pre-authorized debit is re-routed before your next payment due date. If the name on the void cheque/PAD Agreement differs from the name on the contract, additional details will be required from you prior to us being able to accommodate the change.

Lease/Rental Contract

No. During the term of the lease, the equipment is owned by RCAP Leasing.
Once you have completed your option to buy out the lease you have the right to sell the equipment. Prior to buying out the lease, the equipment belongs to RCAP Leasing and cannot be sold.
Yes, the equipment can be moved within Canada only. However you must contact RCAP Leasing prior to relocating, to inform us of the new location. As legal owners of the equipment, RCAP Leasing must know the physical location of the equipment at all times. Please keep in mind, tax adjustments may be required. Please see "How do I change the address for my lease?" for more information.
Please refer to your contract copy. Your installment date is equal to the day of your contract commencement date. The withdrawal date cannot be changed.
You do. All dealer warranties are passed to you the Lessee.
Your lease contract with RCAP is non-cancelable. However you can buyout the lease or upgrade your current equipment at any time. Please email Customer Service at to obtain a quote.

Lease Expiry, Trade ups and Buy-outs

Your buyout is based on the number of payments remaining plus the buyout option plus any applicable fees as per the Terms and Conditions of your lease contract. Please contact Customer Service at to obtain a quote.

Fair market value is the price that the equipment could be sold for based on today's market conditions.

Based on the table, below, please complete the applicable assignment application and send to Customer Service via email at

Can I transfer my lease agreement? If so, how do I proceed?
If the Equipment type is: Use the assignment document below:
Agriculture Assignment Application - Agriculture
Construction Assignment Application - Construction
Transportation Assignment Application - Transportation
Other Assignment Application - Other

You have three (3) options at the end of your lease:

  • 1. Purchase the equipment at its current fair market value or your stated purchase option.
  • 2. Continue to lease at the original lease rate according to your signed agreement.
  • 3. Terminate your lease and return the equipment to a location provided by RCAP.

In some situations, you may be referred back to your originating vendor for these details. Email Customer Service at for additional information.

While additional equipment cannot be added to an existing lease, we would be happy to help you start a new lease that could be set-up to co-terminate with your existing one. Payments for each lease are made separately. Please contact your RCAP Business Development Officer for further details.

Payments, Invoices and Service Fees

Invoices are mailed approximately 3 weeks prior to the due date of your lease payment. However, please be advised that we are moving to Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) as the only method of payment. If you are currently not set-up on pre-authorized debit, please complete the PAD agreement and return along with a copy of your void cheque to Customer Service at An enhanced invoice and payment schedule can be sent to you upon request. This is a document capturing all invoices and payments for the life of your contract. This replaces any requests we receive for invoices. Please refer to the sample Enhanced Invoice and Payment Schedule.

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) is the only method of payment. If you are currently not set-up on pre-authorized debit, please complete the PAD agreement and return along with a copy of your void cheque to Customer Service at Please be advised that a fee may be charged if the PAD Agreement and void cheque is not sent.

RCAP Leasing does not issue statements on its accounts. Please refer to the "When are invoices sent" question for additional details.

Lease payments are subject to both Provincial Sales Tax (PST), and Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

In the event that you or your business is tax exempt, please provide your tax exemption certificate to RCAP Leasing at and we will adjust your lease payment on a go forward basis only.

A fee of $5.00 is charged to cover the cost of generating an invoice. To avoid this fee, customers are being moved to Pre–Authorized Debits (PAD). If you are currently not set-up on Pre-authorized Debits, please complete the PAD agreement and return along with a copy of your void cheque to Customer Service at

In most cases, your payment has increased because we have added an asset protection fee to your lease contract. This fee is automatically added to your account if we have not received confirmation that you have insurance coverage for the equipment through another insurance provider. Please contact with your insurance document and/or if you have any insurance related questions.

Lease payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The payment frequency is determined by you prior to signing the lease contract. RCAP is happy to customize payment schedules that work best for your business at time of signing. Once the contract is booked, the payment frequency cannot be changed.

Your authorized equipment reseller will handle repairs and service in the same manner as if you had purchased the equipment. The manufacturer's warranty may or may not cover service and repair costs. You are responsible for out-of-warranty service.

If you require a payment history, please send your request to Customer Service at

If you require a contract copy, please send your request to Customer Service at

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